Tennyson Lu

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The analysis for the behavior of the artifacts adopted in a workflow can help preventing the execution errors. A temporal (structured) workflow, TS Workflow, is described with the min and max execution time intervals for each process and modeled by control structures (Sequence, AND, XOR, Loop). In the past, the anomalous behaviors of artifacts in a workflow(More)
To guarantee the correctness of workflow execution, it is essential to analyze the structural and artifact integrity of workflows. The current best approach of artifact workflow anomaly detection is O(|E|) for structured workflows, however, each of the anomalies returned in the approach contains (artifact, operator) at each workflow node. In this paper, we(More)
In the latest electrical consuming generation, computers are still mainly tools for paperwork and game platforms, and tablet PC field and smart phone field are two new fields with powerfully market potential. With a high degree of integration and user friendly interfaces, smart phones have become very popular among the general public. Using various sensors,(More)
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