Tengyuan Zhang

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In this article, we describe a writable particle-free ink for fast fabrication of highly conductive stretchable circuits. The composite ink mainly consists of soluble silver salt and adhesive rubber. Low toxic ketone was employed as the main solvent. Attributed to ultrahigh solubility of silver salt in short-chain ketone and salt-assisted dissolution of(More)
On account of in situ cross-linked reaction of epoxy SU-8 with poly(4-vinylpyridine) (P4VP) and its strong reactive bonding ability with different pretreated substrates, we developed a simple universal one-step solution-based coating method for fast surface modification of various objects. Through this method, a layer of P4VP molecules with controllable(More)
Polyelectrolytes were grafted onto hydrocarbon surfaces by a dry-process and chemical-free approach using hydrogen projectiles with high kinetic energy but properly controlled to selectively cleave C-H bonds, on which electroless plating was carried out after loading Pd moieties by ion exchange, resulting in high quality metalized polymer films with(More)
Initiator integrated 3D printing, namely i3DP, was developed by incorporating a vinyl-terminated initiator into UV curable resin to make functional structural materials that enable genetic post-printing surface-initiated modification. Taking advantage of 3D printing and surface-initiated ATRP, the feasible i3DP makes 3D printed complex architectures(More)
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