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A novel fucoidan, which consists of a 1 → 3-linked tetrafucose repeating unit that is distinctive in its sulphation pattern, was isolated from the sea cucumber Acaudina molpadioides. In the present study, we examined the anti-adipogenic effect of the fucoidan from Acaudina molpadioides (Am-FUC) in vitro and in vivo. Results showed that Am-FUC exhibited an(More)
Taking the fragment ore section of orebody No. 105 with the high value in Gaofeng mine in Guangxi province for example, three representative kinds of goafs in all scales were selected on the basis of the differences of goaf scale, surrounding rock conditions and situ stress field, and their stability were calculated by the universal distinct element code(More)
Filamentation dynamics of relativistic optical vortex beams (OVBs) propagating in underdense plasma is investigated. It is shown that OVBs with finite orbital angular momentum (OAM) exhibit much more robust propagation behavior than the standard Gaussian beam. In fact, the growth rate of the azimuthal modulational instability decreases rapidly with increase(More)
Two heterodimeric receptors consisting of interleukin (IL)-20R2 are shared by three of the IL-20 family of cytokines, IL-19, IL-20 and IL-24. Along with IL-22, these cytokines are downstream effectors of IL-23 and have been implicated in keratinocyte functions and the pathogenesis of psoriasis. Surprisingly, whereas knocking out either the IL-23 or IL-22(More)
Diabetes in NOD mice is an autoimmune disease which is characterized by the infiltration of islets of Langerhans by large numbers of T cells. Some of these infiltrating T cells are clearly islet-cells-specific; however, many or most of these T cells could be attracted nonspecificity into these lesions. To study NOD pancreas-infiltrating T cells, we fused(More)
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