Tengku M. T. Sembok

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43 Abstract—Real-time virtual heritage application is normally executed with a high performance computer system. This is due to the complexity and highly computational cost which makes such system impossible to run in a lower specification computer system. Therefore, many developed virtual heritage application cannot be retrieved by the target users. One of(More)
Region growing and edge detection are two popular and common techniques used for image segmentation. Region growing is preferred over edge detection methods because it is more robust against low contrast problems and effectively addresses the connectivity issues faced by edge detectors. Edge-based techniques, on the other hand, can significantly reduce(More)
This paper presents a method for fast-approximate collision detection between 3D models <i>S</i> undergoing rigid body motion. To enclose a 3D model in as tight as possible, we propose an approach known as oriented convex polyhedra <i>R</i>(<i>S</i>). By surrounding the 3D models tightly, the veracity of detected collision can be improved. It is known that(More)
Frameworks can be seen as generative since they are intended and well suited to be used as the foundation for the development of a number of applications in the domain captured by the framework. A framework defines a high-level language with which applications within a domain are created through specialization. Specialization takes place at points of(More)
Accessing and extracting semantic meanings from web documents is crucial for the realization of Semantic Web. While the web offers the flexibility of making information easily available, it is considerably hard to find a fruitful way to describe, classify and present this information with rich semantic content. Therefore, the semantic information content of(More)