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This paper is a review of the theory-of laser beams and resonators. It is meant to be tutorial in nature and useful in scope. No attempt is made to be exhaustive in the treatment. Rather, emphasis is placed on formulations and derivations which lead to basic understanding and on results which bear practical significance.
Two modified Fried wavefront reconstructors are proposed, both based on an enhanced geometry that combines and balances those of Fried and Hudgin with an additional weight. The optimal weights for both of them are derived with the analytical frequency response functions, which can provide near-unity spatial frequency response over broad bandwidth to the(More)
Based on a mathematic model, the relation between the accuracy of the influence matrix and the performance of the wavefront correction is established. Based on the least squares method, a two-step system identification is proposed to improve the accuracy of the influence matrix, where the measurement noise can be suppressed and the nonlinearity of the(More)
We investigate the changes in the shape of a deformable mirror used at the National Ignition Facility caused by differences in temperature between the working environment and the mounting temperature of the mirror. In general, the temperature-induced profile change of the mirror is dominated by a few low-order aberrations, which mainly result in defocus.(More)
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