Teng-cai Ma

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A self-consistent fluid model is proposed for describing collisionless radio-frequency (rf) sheaths driven by a sinusoidal current source. This model includes all time-dependent terms in ion fluid equations, which are commonly ignored in some analytical models and numerical simulations. Moreover, an equivalent circuit model is introduced to determine(More)
In this work, a micro packed gas chromatograph column integrated with a micro heater was fabricated by using laser etching technology (LET) for analyzing environmental gases. LET is a powerful tool to etch deep well-shaped channels on the glass wafer, and it is the most effective way to increase depth of channels. The fabricated packed GC column with a(More)
An arc plasma discharge with a long length of 20 cm was generated in a quartz capillary between two hollow needle electrodes in argon at atmospheric pressure with use of the sinusoidal power supply operating at 45 kHz, which was characterized by a very high electron density. The spectroscopic method of optical emission was employed to diagnose the(More)
Optical emission spectroscopy (OES) was adopted for the first time by our group for in situ diagnosis of the conversion of CH4-H2 under glow discharge plasma at atmospheric pressure with rotary electrodes. The emission of excited species such as excited radicals and atoms (C, CH, C2, H and H2) was detected in the spectra range of 300-700 nm. The spectrum of(More)
Measurements of rotational temperature as low as several hundred Kelvin have been achieved using optical emission spectroscopy (OES) in nitrogen DC glow discharge. The strongest band of the first negative system of nitrogen molecule ion was chosen to determine the rotational temperature of nitrogen DC glow discharge at 4 different positions in the discharge(More)
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