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Eco-environmental geochemistry of heavy metal pollution in Dexing mining area
An eco-environmental geochemical investigation was carried out in and around the Dexing mining area to determine the concentrations of heavy metals in the surface water, sediments, soils and plants.Expand
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Groundwater Dynamic Equilibrium Evidence for Changes of Renewability of Groundwater in Beijing Plain
The aim of this paper is to analyze the spatial and temporal changes of renewability of groundwater in Beijing,which is great important for the sustainable utilization and management of groundwaterExpand
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Chemical Characteristics of Shallow Groundwater and Current Pollution Situation along the Second Songhua River
In order to evaluate the chemical characteristics of shallow groundwater along the Second Songhua River,63 groundwater samples were collected for water quality analysis.The results showed that theExpand
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Environmental geochemistry and ecological risk of vanadium pollution in Panzhihua mining and smelting area, Sichuan, China
Vanadium is a trace element widely distributed in the Earth’s crust. Naturally high levels of vanadium are recognized mainly in basic rocks and minerals, particularly in titaniferous magnetite. AndExpand
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Environmental geochemistry of heavy metal contaminants in soil and stream sediment in Panzhihua mining and smelting area, Southwestern China
Mining and smelting activities are the main causes for the increasing pollution of heavy metals in soil, water body and stream sediment. An environmental geochemical investigation was carried out inExpand
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Geochemical baseline and trace metal pollution of soil in Panzhihua mining area
A total of 31 topsoil samples were systematically collected from the Panzhihua mining area including steel smelting, coal mining, urban and rural districts. A normalization procedure was adopted toExpand
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Techniques on Soil Remediation and Disposal of Vanadium Pollution
This paper has reviewed remediation and disposal techniques of Vanadium pollution in soil at home and abroad at present.And the mainly techniques were: engineering disposalExpand
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Comparison of the Catalytic Performances of Different Commercial Cobalt Oxides for Peroxymonosulfate Activation During Dye Degradation
The catalytic performances of different commercial cobalt oxides(Co x O y , i.e., Co2O3, Co3O4, and CoO) for peroxymonosulfate(PMS) activation in dye degradation were compared in this study. TheExpand
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