Teng-Wen Chang

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With the enormous market potential of the telematics industry and the rapid development of information technology, automotive telematics has attracted considerable attention for mobile computing and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITSs). However, as a result of varied platform standards, not all telematics services can be used in telematics terminals. The(More)
Telematics communication technologies and vehicular networks have been identified as key technologies for increasing road safety and transport efficiency. Telematics communication technologies and vehicular networks aim to ensure traffic safety for drivers, provide comfort for passengers and reduce transportation time and fuel consumption. The development(More)
The collaboration project described in this paper involved students across three cooperating institutions, on three different continents in different time zones, building a virtual Tower of Babel in a 3D Collaborative Virtual Environment (3D CVE). Much Information and Communication Technology work today involves international collaboration. This requires(More)
Much Information Communication Technology (ICT) design work involves international collaboration. This requires cross-cultural understandings with one’s co-collaborators. There are few opportunities for this to occur in a pedagogical setting. This paper outlines a pedagogically-oriented case study of the use of a 3D collaborative virtual environment (3D(More)
The hypothesis that happy team members are more cooperative than sad team members has become a popular presumption in social and applied psychology. The member negatively may affect the emotion, mood or attitudes, and continually annoys the rest in the team, and positive either. Also, how do es team member learn more adaptive emotion strategies in complex(More)
Communication among nuclear family is a complex but immediate problem due to the small number of family members and the diverse daily schedule of modern society. Because family members have to live together every day, so they must consider and coordinate mutually in communication to avoid estranging by over indifference. With the ambient environment and(More)