Teng Qin

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A typical location extraction approach consists of two steps, location name detection and location entity disambiguation. Promising results have been obtained in the last decade based on natural language processing technologies. However, there are still two challenges which requires further investigation: 1)How to leverage the prior and contextual evidence(More)
—A geometrically based channel model is proposed to describe radio propagation in an indoor environment with directional antennas. In conventional geometric channel models (GCMs), distribution of scatterers does not take into account the antenna properties. A different approach is taken here for directional channel modeling. The locations of scattering(More)
An integrated strategy incorporating computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and GIS technologies is proposed to simulate the flow fields and associated concentration distributions from contaminant releases in complex urban settings. CFD is able to provide realistic simulations for geometrically complex scenarios, however, inadequate of geometry construction for(More)
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