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—Automated scene analysis has been a topic of great interest in computer vision and cognitive science. Recently, with the growth of crowd phenomena in the real world, crowded scene analysis has attracted much attention. However, the visual occlusions and ambiguities in crowded scenes, as well as the complex behaviors and scene semantics, make the analysis a(More)
This paper presents a source localization algorithm based on the source signal's time-of-arrival (TOA) at sensors that are not synchronized with one another or the source. The proposed algorithm estimates source positions using a window of TOA measurements which, in effect, creates a virtual sensor array. Based on a Gaussian noise model, maximum likelihood(More)
The incorporation of GPUs as co-processors has brought forth significant performance improvements for High-Performance Computing (HPC). Efficient utilization of the GPU resources is thus an important consideration for computer scientists. In order to obtain the required performance while limiting the energy consumption, researchers and vendors alike are(More)
Elastic electronic surfaces will integrate stiff thin film devices onto compliant polymer substrates. These surfaces may be stretched once or many times, by up to tens of percent strain. One way to make such an elastic electronic surface is to distribute rigid subcircuit islands over the polymer surface, and then fabricate active devices on the islands.(More)
— Bag-of-Words (BoW), which represents an image by the histogram of local patches on the basis of a visual vocabulary, has attracted intensive attention in visual categorization due to its good performance and flexibility. Conventional BoW neglects the contextual relations between local patches due to its Naive Bayesian assumption. However, it is well known(More)
This paper presents a new technique for communication over channels with memory where the channel state is unknown at the transmitter and receiver. A deep interleaver combined with successive decoding decomposes a channel with memory into an array of parallel memoryless channels on which a conventional coding system can operate individually. The problems of(More)
Conceptual hardware architecture of skin-like circuits is described. An elastomeric skin carries rigid islands on which active subcircuits are made. The subcircuit islands are interconnected by stretchable metallization. We concentrate on recent advances in stretchable thin-film conductors, by covering their construction, evaluation, and laboratory and(More)
This paper describes a location system using an asymchronous distrihuted sensor network. The sensors' clocks operate independently and are not explicitly synchronized. The motion of the source. or the ohject, hetween two emitted pulses will c a n s the inter-arrival time of these twn pukes at each sensor to vary. ThLs inter-arrival time is a function of the(More)