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Bone-FixES is an expert system currently under development to aid student and clinical practitioner decision making for construction of external skeletal fixation devices. External skeletal fixation devices (also called fixators) are used to secure broken bone segments during the healing process. For teaching, Bone-FixES will be used to provide feedback to(More)
—First aid and immediate help are very important following an accident. The earlier the detection and treatment is carried out, the better the prognosis and chance of recovery of the patients. It is even more important when considering the elderly. Once the elderly have an accident, they not only physically injure their body, but also impair their mental(More)
The aging phenomenon results in body organ system debilitating, which causes the balance weakening and makes a fall, fracture rate, and further medical cost to increase. The lack of exercise has been linked to increasing the incidence of hypertension, coronary artery disease, osteoporosis, degenerative arthritis, and diabetes. Chronic disease affects(More)
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