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Foot-based gestures have recently received attention as an alternative interaction mechanism in situations where the hands are pre-occupied or unavailable. This paper investigates suitable real-world mappings of foot gestures to invoke commands and interact with virtual workspaces. Our first study identified user preferences for mapping common mobile-device(More)
In this paper we describe the use of kick gestures for interaction with mobile devices. Kicking is a well-st udied leg action that can be harnessed in mobile contexts where the hands are busy or too dirty to interact with the phone. In this paper we examine the design space of kicki ng as an interaction technique through two user studies. The first study(More)
We present LensGesture, a pure software approach for augmenting mobile interactions with back-of-device finger gestures. LensGesture detects full and partial occlusion as well as the dynamic swiping of fingers on the camera lens by analyzing image sequences captured by the built-in camera in real time. We report the feasibility and implementation of(More)
Current wearable interfaces are designed to support short-duration tasks known as micro-interactions. To support productive interfaces for everyday analytic tasks, designers can leverage natural input methods such as direct manipulation and pointing. Such natural methods are now available in virtual, mobile environments thanks to miniature depth cameras(More)
Emerging smartphones and other handheld devices are now being fitted with a set of new embedded technologies such as pico-projection. They are usually designed with the pico-projector embedded in the top of the device. Despite the potential of personal mobile projection to support new forms of interactivity such as augmented reality techniques, these(More)
Heart rate monitoring is widely used in clinical care, fitness training, and stress management. However, tracking individuals' heart rates faces two major challenges, namely equipment availability and user motivation. In this paper, we present a novel technique, LivePulse Games (LPG), to measure users' heart rates in real time by having them play games on(More)
BodyAvatar is a Kinect-based interactive system that allows users without professional skills to create freeform 3D avatars using body gestures. Unlike existing gesture-based 3D modeling tools, BodyAvatar centers around a first-person "you're the avatar" metaphor, where the user treats their own body as a physical proxy of the virtual avatar. Based on an(More)
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a leading cause of death in the developed world, yet facile preclinical models that mimic the natural stages of CRC progression are lacking. Through the orthotopic engraftment of colon organoids we describe a broadly usable immunocompetent CRC model that recapitulates the entire adenoma-adenocarcinoma-metastasis axis in vivo. The(More)
We present SoundCraft, a smartwatch prototype embedded with a microphone array, that localizes angularly, in azimuth and elevation, acoustic signatures: non-vocal acoustics that are produced using our hands. Acoustic signatures are common in our daily lives, such as when snapping or rubbing our fingers, tapping on objects or even when using an auxiliary(More)