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Antagonizing peroxisome proliferator‐activated receptor γ facilitates M1‐to‐M2 shift of microglia by enhancing autophagy via the LKB1–AMPK signaling pathway
It is observed that antagonizing PPARγ promoted LPS‐stimulated changes in polarization from the M1 to the M2 phenotype in primary microglia, which might be due to improved autophagy via the activation of the LKB1–AMPK signaling pathway. Expand
Rosiglitazone Exerts an Anti-depressive Effect in Unpredictable Chronic Mild-Stress-Induced Depressive Mice by Maintaining Essential Neuron Autophagy and Inhibiting Excessive Astrocytic Apoptosis
It is found that rosiglitazone protects both neurons and astrocytes in in vivo and in vitro depressive models, thereby playing an anti-depressive role, suggesting that PPARγ could be a new target in the development of anti-Depressive drugs. Expand
The Intra-nuclear SphK2-S1P Axis Facilitates M1-to-M2 Shift of Microglia via Suppressing HDAC1-Mediated KLF4 Deacetylation
The data reveals that intra-nuclear SphK2-S1P axis might facilitate the transformation of microglial polarization from M1 to M2 phenotype, which might be intra- nuclear regulatory mechanisms of FTY720-prevented neuroinflammation. Expand
PD149163 induces hypothermia to protect against brain injury in acute cerebral ischemic rats.
The present findings reveal the therapeutic effects of PD149163-induced hypothermia in brain ischemia, and provide a new strategy for stroke treatment. Expand
FTY720 Exerts Anti-Glioma Effects by Regulating the Glioma Microenvironment Through Increased CXCR4 Internalization by Glioma-Associated Microglia
It is discovered that FTY720 could inhibit the growth, migration, and invasion of glioma by targeting GAMs–glioma interaction in the tumor microenvironment by inhibiting MAPK-mediated secretion of IL-6 through increased internalization of CXCR4. Expand
Inhibiting PAD2 enhances the anti-tumor effect of docetaxel in tamoxifen-resistant breast cancer cells
PAD2 functions as an important new biomarker for tamoxifen-resistant breast cancers and that inhibiting PAD2 combined with docetaxel may offer a new approach to treatment of tamoxIFen- resistant breast cancers. Expand
Establishment and evaluation of a novel mouse model of peri/postmenopausal depression
This study suggests that this two-step ovariectomy operation plus CMS successfully establishes a more reasonable peri/postmenopausal depression animal model which effectively simulates the clinical symptoms of peri- and postmenopausal depressive women. Expand
Neuronal extracellular vesicle derived miR-98 prevents salvageable neurons from microglial phagocytosis in acute ischemic stroke
It is revealed that EVs derived miR-98 act as an intercellular signal mediating neurons and microglia communication during the brain remodeling after ischemic stroke. Expand
Extracellular vesicles derived from LPS-preconditioned human synovial mesenchymal stem cells inhibit extracellular matrix degradation and prevent osteoarthritis of the knee in a mouse model
  • Ao Duan, K. Shen, +16 authors Feng Liu
  • Medicine
  • Stem cell research & therapy
  • 28 July 2021
LPS pretreatment is an effective and promising method to improve therapeutic effect of extracellular vesicles secreted from SMSCs on OA. Expand
PADI2‐Catalyzed MEK1 Citrullination Activates ERK1/2 and Promotes IGF2BP1‐Mediated SOX2 mRNA Stability in Endometrial Cancer
It is demonstrated that PADI2‐catalyzed MEK1 R113/189 citrullination is a critical diver for EC malignancies and suggested that targeting PADi2/MEK1 can be a potential therapeutic approach in patients with EC. Expand