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Grapes are an important economic crop and are widely cultivated around the world. Most grapes are grown in arid or semi-arid regions, and droughts take a heavy toll in grape and wine production areas. Developing effective drought-resistant cultivation measures is a priority for viticulture. Melatonin, an indoleamine, mediates many physiological processes in(More)
A thermo-alkali-stable laccase gene from Bacillus licheniformis was cloned and expressed in Pichia pastoris. The recombinant laccase was secreted into the culture medium with a maximum activity of 227.9 U/L. The purified laccase is a monomeric glycoprotein, and its molecular weight was estimated to be 65 kDa on SDS-PAGE after deglycosylation. Optimal enzyme(More)
A comprehensive investigation was carried out to determine the effect of exogenous melatonin treatment of pre-veraison grapes on grape berries and its wines. Two melatonin treatments of pre-veraison grape berries increased the weight of the berries by approximately 6.6%. Meanwhile, this melatonin treatment could be beneficial in the reduction of underripe(More)
Rain-shelter cultivation is an effective cultural method to prevent rainfall damage during grape harvest and widely applied in the Chinese rainy regions. In this study we investigated the effect of rain-shelter cultivation on grape diseases and phenolic composition in the skins of Vitis vinifera cv. Cabernet Gernischet grape berries through the comparison(More)
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