Teng-Cheng Hsu

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In this paper, we propose a data-dependent transmission control policy over the slotted ALOHA MAC protocol and a cross-layered fusion rule that exploits MAC timing information for distributed detection in sensor networks. In this system, each sensor first makes a local decision at the beginning of each observation period and transmits the decision to the(More)
This paper examines the large-scale deployment of energy harvesting sensors for the purpose of sensing and reconstruction of a spatially correlated Gaussian random field. The sensors are powered solely by energy harvested from the environment and are deployed randomly according to a spatially non-homogeneous Poisson point process whose density depends on(More)
Recent advances in wireless power transfer (WPT) technology enable over-the-air charging of passive sensor devices and allow sensors to be active on demand without concern of their battery lifetime. This work examines the beam pattern selection and charging power allocation problems for distributed estimation applications in wireless passive sensor networks(More)
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