Tendai Gadzikwa

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A noncatenated, Zn-based metal-organic framework (MOF) material bearing silyl-protected acetylenes was constructed and postsynthetically modified using "click" chemistry. Using a solvent-based, selective deprotection strategy, two different organic azides were "clicked" onto the MOF crystals, resulting in a porous material whose internal and external(More)
A Zn-cornered, mixed-ligand, metal-organic framework (MOF) bearing TMS-protected acetylenes has been constructed and its surface decorated with organic molecules via'click chemistry', in a demonstration of selective post-synthesis functionalization.
A Zn-based, mixed-ligand (pillared paddlewheel), metal-organic framework (MOF) has been covalently and quantitatively decorated with free carboxylic acids to demonstrate the utility of covalent post-synthesis modification in the construction of otherwise inaccessible carboxy-functionalized MOFs.
A series of 4,4'-ethynylenedibenzoic acids were synthesized and used in the construction of Zn-based, mixed-ligand metal-organic frameworks; through variation of functionality in the 3- and 3'-positions of these linkers, a collection of MOFs with differing connectivities and varying levels of interpenetration was obtained.
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