Tena Jamison

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The cognitive correlates of anger arousal and dating violence were investigated in samples of 17 males who reported at least one incident of physical aggression toward a female dating partner (DV), and 16 males who reported a nonviolent interaction history with their dating partners (NV). Participants performed the Articulated Thoughts during Simulated(More)
BACKGROUND Adolescent females with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are an understudied population, yet are also quite vulnerable, due to the increased complexities of social interaction and increased risk for internalizing symptoms in adolescence. Most research literature currently focuses on males with ASD, limiting our understanding of social(More)
The neurotransmitter oxytocin plays an important role in social affiliation. Low oxytocin levels and defects in the oxytocin receptor have been reported in childhood autism. However, little is known about oxytocin's post-receptor signaling pathways in autism. Oxytocin signals via stimulatory and inhibitory G proteins. c-fos mRNA expression has been used as(More)
A majority of social skills research in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and interventions target school age males and no published studies target adolescent females with ASD or related disabilities. Females with ASD are at risk for internalizing symptoms, and experience greater challenges in socialization and communication as social demands become(More)
Children living in rural and underserved areas experience decreased access to health care services and are often diagnosed with autism at a later age compared to those living in urban or suburban areas. This study examines the utility and validity of an ASD assessment protocol conducted via video conferencing (VC). Participants (n = 17) included families(More)
Saint Michael's Medical Center, like most healthcare facilities in the country, didn't realize the need for marketing until 1982. At that time, the loss of the surrounding community and a trend toward becoming only a tertiary care facility prompted the parent corporation to look at marketing as a solution to the occupancy and fiscal problems. During the(More)
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