Tena H. Ward

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The effects of the antimetabolites, cytarabine (Ara-C) and 5-fluorouridine 5'-monophosphate (FUMP), encapsulated in multivesicular liposomes on formation of vitreous fibroproliferative membranes in New Zealand white (NZW) rabbits were studied. In pharmacokinetic studies, the drug half-life in the vitreous cavity was 124 hr after intravitreal administration(More)
The cases of 4 patients with clinical signs of intraocular large cell lymphoma are described. Initial cytopathologic examination of vitrectomy specimens failed to establish the malignant character of the vitreous infiltrates. Three of the four patients eventually developed solid central nervous system tumors, intracranial biopsy samples of which revealed(More)
Naturally occurring enzootic infections of Sendai virus have been detected by serologic monitoring and virus isolation in mouse breeder colonies from five states in the United States of America. Six of 21 colonies tested were found to be infected with Sendai virus, and the mean incidence of infection within infected colonies was 76 percent. Forty-one of 120(More)