Telmo R. Fernandes

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Accurate vegetation models usually rely on experimental data obtained by means of measurement campaigns. Nowadays, RET and dRET models provide a realistic characterization of vegetation volumes, including not only in-excess attenuation, but also scattering, diffraction and depolarization. Nevertheless, both approaches imply the characterization of the(More)
—The work presented in this paper aims to continue the progress obtained in the development of a ray tracing based simulation platform for realistic doubly selective radio channels. This framework is the integration of various propagation models present in literature, with a novel method to characterise the obstacles present in the radio path, relying only(More)
In this paper, the discrete Radiative Energy Transfer is investigated as an effective mean to model wind induced time-variant vegetative radio channels. The investigated model will make use of the input parameters time-variation properties to achieve channel dynamics modeling. Analysis of both the foliated channel statistics and model performance against(More)