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This paper presents the annotation guidelines applied to naturally occurring speech, aiming at an integrated account of contrast and parallel structures in European Portuguese. These guidelines were defined to allow for the empirical study of interactions among intonation and syntax-discourse patterns in selected sets of different corpora (monologues and(More)
This paper focuses on different subtypes of constructions involving temporally bounded quantification, e.g. sequences like David visited Rome three times followed by temporal phrases as different as (i) last year, which defines a time interval; (ii) in less that two months, which defines an amount of time; and (iii) per month, which refers to a time unit.(More)
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the categorial-denotational status of before and after phrases, trying to assess whether they are better classified as temporal locating expressions, time-denoting expressions 1 or both. The conclusions to be drawn possibly apply to the counterparts of these expressions in other languages as well 2. I will concentrate(More)
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