Telma Woerle de Lima

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Network reconfiguration for service restoration in distribution systems is a combinatorial complex optimization problem that usually involves multiple non-linear constraints and objective functions. For large scale distribution systems no exact algorithm has found adequate restoration plans in real-time. On the other hand, the combination of Multi-Objective(More)
The design of a network is a solution to several engineering and science problems. Several network design problems are known to be NP-hard, and population-based metaheuristics like evolutionary algorithms (EAs) have been largely investigated for such problems. Such optimization methods simultaneously generate a large number of potential solutions to(More)
The node-depth encoding has elements from direct and indirect encoding for trees which encodes trees by storing the depth of nodes in a list. Node-depth encoding applies specific search operators that is a typical characteristic for direct encodings. An investigation into the bias of the initialization process and the mutation operators of the node-depth(More)
Proteins are polymers whose chains are composed of 20 different monomers, called amino acids. The problem of Protein Structure Prediction (PSP) is the determination of protein 3D conformation from its amino acid sequence. Two main strategies are usually employed to work with PSP: homology and Ab initio approaches. This paper presents an Evolutionary(More)
This paper proposes a multiobjective formulation for variable selection in multivariate calibration problems in order to improve the generalization ability of the calibration model. The authors applied this proposed formulation in the multiobjective genetic algorithm NSGA-II. The formulation consists in two conflicting objectives: minimize the prediction(More)
This paper presents a multi-objective formulation for variable selection in calibration problems. The prediction of protein concentration on wheat is obtained by a linear regression model using variables obtained by a spectrophotometer device. This device measure hundreds of correlated variables related with physicochemical properties and that can be used(More)
The Multi-Vehicle routing problem (MVRP) in real time is a graph modification problem. In order to solve this kind of problems, alternative approaches have been investigated. Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) have presented relevant results. However, these methodologies require special encoding to achieve proper performance when large graphs are considered. We(More)
Genetic algorithms (GAs) have been used for feature selection with binary representation. Even if binary representation has perfect probability to include or remove a feature in the search process, some works in the field of chemometrics have reported criticism about a high number of features selected by GA implementations. Thus, in this paper, we aim to(More)
Network design involves several areas of research. Computer networks, electrical circuits and transportation problems are some examples. In order to deal with the complexity of these problems, approaches using evolutionary algorithms have been proposed for network design problems (NDPs) with relevant results. Nevertheless, the graph encoding is critical for(More)