Telma L B dos Santos

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Amygdalar NMDA receptor activation has been implicated in the acquisition of fear memories in rats. However, little is known about the role of endogenous modulators of the NMDA receptor, such as polyamines, in pavlovian fear-conditioning learning. Therefore, in the present study we investigated whether the immediate pretraining or post-training bilateral(More)
Previous results show that elevated T-maze (ETM) avoidance responses are facilitated by acute restraint. Escape, on the other hand, was unaltered. To examine if the magnitude of the stressor is an important factor influencing these results, we investigated the effects of unpredictable chronic mild stress (UCMS) on ETM avoidance and escape measurements.(More)
In a previous study we showed that rats chronically treated with corticosterone (CORT) display anxiogenic behavior, evidenced by facilitation of avoidance responses in the elevated T-maze (ETM) model of anxiety. Treatment with the tricyclic antidepressant imipramine significantly reversed the anxiogenic effects of CORT, while inhibiting ETM escape, a(More)
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