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OBJECTIVE The objective of this review is to evaluate the evidence for the hypothesis that cardiovascular reactivity can predict the development of preclinical (elevated blood pressure, ventricular remodeling, carotid atherosclerosis) and/or clinical cardiovascular disease states. METHODS A review of the literature was conducted examining prospective(More)
PURPOSE This study assessed the levels of depressive symptomatology in African-American women with breast cancer compared to those of women without breast cancer and examined demographic, psychosocial, and clinical factors correlated with depression. METHODS A total of 152 African-American women were recruited from Washington, DC and surrounding suburbs.(More)
Perceived discrimination may contribute to somatic disease. The association between perceived discrimination and breast cancer incidence was assessed in the Black Women's Health Study. In 1997, participants completed questions on perceived discrimination in two domains: "everyday" discrimination (e.g., being treated as dishonest) and major experiences of(More)
OBJECTIVES The goals of this study were (i) to report the prevalence and nature of sleep disturbances, as determined by clinically significant insomnia symptoms, in a sample of African-American breast cancer survivors; (ii) to assess the extent to which intrusive thoughts about breast cancer and fear of recurrence contributes to insomnia symptoms; and (iii)(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether social support and/or physical activity buffer the association between stressors and increasing risk of depression symptoms at baseline and at 3-year follow-up. METHODS This is a secondary analysis of data from the Women's Health Initiative Observational Study. 91,912 community-dwelling post-menopausal women participated in(More)
This study examined the factor structure of the Centers for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D) in a sample of 40,403 African American women participating in the Black Women's Health Study (BWHS). To examine within group differences in the structural characteristics of the CES-D, women were stratified by age (< 60 vs. > or = 60 years).(More)
This study examined the construct validity of the Detroit Area Study Discrimination Questionnaire (DAS-DQ) in 49 healthy African American adults, with respect to its association with global measures and daily experiences of psychological demand. Daily experiences of psychological demand were obtained using ecological momentary assessment (EMA) methods.(More)
Perceived discrimination has been shown to be related to health screening behavior. The present study examines the effect of discrimination on cancer screening among women in the Black Women's Health Study. Five self-report items measured discrimination in everyday life and three items measured experiences of major discrimination. Logistic regression was(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship between physical activity and breast cancer in African American women. DESIGN A population-based case-control study was conducted with 199 women (97 cases and 102 controls) from the Washington, DC metro area. A physical activity questionnaire elicited responses on frequency of walking for exercise and vigorous(More)
The purpose of this multicenter longitudinal randomized controlled trial was to examine the efficacy of self-administered stress management training (SSMT) in improving quality of life and reducing psychological distress among patients receiving cancer chemotherapy. Participants were randomized to SSMT (n = 111) or usual psychosocial care only (n = 109).(More)