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There have been escalating research interests on areas relating to haptic modality in recent years, especially towards mobile devices. However, there seems to be limited studies in determining the relation between haptic user interfaces and its influence on the playability of mobile games. This paper aims to measure playability of mobile games by comparing(More)
  • Tek Yong Lim
  • 2012
Mobile tourism applications are changing the way travelers plan and experience tourism in the years to come. A large and growing body of literature has investigated the development of context awareness mobile applications for tourism industry. Various aspects of context awareness are studied and applied in tour guide companions and recommendation systems.(More)
This paper addresses the problem of matching between highly heterogeneous structures. The problem is modeled as a classification task where training examples are used to learn the matching between structures. In our approach, training is performed using partially labeled data. We propose a Greedy Mapping approach to generate training examples from partially(More)
Current approaches for word sense dis-ambiguation and translation selection typically require lexical resources or large bilingual corpora with rich information fields and annotations, which are often infeasible for under-resourced languages. We extract translation context knowledge from a bilingual comparable corpora of a richer-resourced language pair,(More)
Most efforts at automatically creating multilingual lexicons require input lexical resources with rich content (e.g. semantic networks, domain codes, semantic categories) or large corpora. Such material is often unavailable and difficult to construct for under-resourced languages. In some cases, particularly for some ethnic languages, even unannotated(More)