Tejpal Jindal

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Schwannomas are benign tumours that arise from the Schwann cells of nerve fibres. They commonly occur in the head and neck, mediastinum and extremities. They are extremely rare in the pelvis. These are usually slow-growing tumours and are often detected incidentally. Preoperative diagnosis is extremely difficult as there are no definitive signs on imaging.(More)
INTRODUCTION We describe ethical/moral issues in patient selection in a new living donor kidney transplant program in Guyana, South America. CASE REPORTS Over 3 years, we screened 450 patients with chronic kidney disease among which 70 were suitable for kidney transplantation. There were five patients whose evaluations raised possible ethical dilemmas:(More)
Trichobezoar (A hair ball in the stomach), a specimen of which is usually found in pathological museum, occurs almost exclusively in females, and in 80% cases, the patient is mentally retarded, though it can also occur in neurotics and Schizophrenics. Trichobezoar when get blocked usually in the stomach, may give rise to gastroduodenal ulceration leading to(More)
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