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Various parameters of dosimetric interest such as mass attenuation coefficients, effective atomic numbers and electron densities of some commonly used solvents such as acetonitrile (C(4)H(3)N), butanol (C(4)H(9)OH), chlorobenzene (C(6)H(5)Cl), diethylether (C(4)H(10)O), ethanol (C(2)H(5)OH), methanol (CH(3)OH), propanol (C(3)H(7)OH) and water (H(2)O) were(More)
Different photon interaction parameters viz. linear attenuation coefficient, mass attenuation coefficient, penetration depth, equivalent atomic number, exposure buildup factor have been computed for seven different concretes (ordinary, hematite-serpentine, ilmenite-limonite, basalt-magnetite, ilmenite, steel-scrap and steel magnetite) in the energy region(More)
This paper presents the design of compact CPW-fed band notched UWB square ring antenna. The main objective of this proposed research work is to reduce the size of antenna and avoid interference between UWB and WLAN application at 5.5GHz. The antenna consists of a square-ring metal patch and 50Ω coplanar waveguide fed. The structure of the antenna is(More)
Reconfigurable micro-strip patch antenna with a U-slot is proposed for wearable fabric applications. Fabric substrate is used for the proposed antenna for manufactured and designed to steer the beam directions at the operation frequency of 7. 0 GHz. For design the proposed antenna the U-shaped slot and a proximity-coupled feeding technique are applied. By(More)
A VARACTOR diode is placed on every slot to alter the current direction, which determines the polarization state. The influences of the slots and varactor diodes on antenna performance are minimized because the slots and diodes are not on the patch. The simulated results verified the effectiveness of the proposed antenna configuration. A variation in(More)
Transmitted photon spectra (pulse-height distribution) of (137)Cs gamma rays are measured through longitudinal and transverse dimensions of the soil medium. The intensity (photon fluence rate) of the multiple-scattered peak, appearing in the lower energy part of the spectrum, has been studied as a function of longitudinal as well as transverse thickness of(More)
Photon interaction effective atomic number (Z eff ) for partial as well as total photon interaction processes has been computed using logarithmic interpolation method for seven different concretes viz. (i) Ordinary, (ii) Hematite Serpentine, (iii) Ilmenite Limonite, (iv) Basalt magnetite, (v) Ilmenite, (vi) Steel scrap and (vii) Steel magnetite concrete in(More)
RF MEMS Switches are one of the most prominent and remarkable future micro-machined products that have gain attention in last year’s. This Paper presents design, analysis and proposed fabrication process and simulation of a low actuated voltage shunt capacitive RF MEMS Switch. The Air gap in between the membrane and CPW signal line is 1.5 μm. The lowest(More)
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