Tejasvini Prasad

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ASAP (a systematic annotation package for community analysis of genomes) is a relational database and web interface developed to store, update and distribute genome sequence data and functional characterization (https://asap.ahabs.wisc.edu/annotation/php/ASAP1.htm). ASAP facilitates ongoing community annotation of genomes and tracking of information as(More)
Anopheles stephensi–Liston (Culicidae: Diptera) is an important urban malarial vector in the Indian sub-continent, accounting for about 15% of the total annual malaria incidence. Chemical control represents a key strategy in the management of this insect vector. However, owing to erratic and continuous application of insecticides, resistance has become a(More)
Outsourcing of software development is a key part of globalization, oft misunderstood by computer science students, and possibly a cause of declining enrollments in the field. The authors developed and implemented an outsourcing experience for students in an advanced software engineering course. Student teams at two universities developed game playing(More)
Classification of protein sequences and structures into families is a fundamental task in biology, and it is often used as a basis for designing experiments for gaining further knowledge. Some relationships between proteins are detected by the similarities in their sequences, and many more by the similarities in their structures. Despite this, there are a(More)
SUMMARY We have developed a WWW server, HBPRINT, for the identification of hydrogen-bond signature patterns in protein families from their structures. The server calculates (a) common hydrogen bonds between two structures (b) a hydrogen-bond fingerprint in a set of structural neighbours and (c) details of conserved hydrogen bonds. The server also enables(More)
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