Tejasvam Singh

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Halldórsson et al (ICALP proceedings of the 39th international colloquium conference on automata, languages, and programming, vol part I, Springer, pp 449–460, 2012) investigated the space complexity of the following problem CLIQUE-GAP(r, s): given a graph stream G, distinguish whether $$\omega (G) \ge r$$ ω ( G ) ≥ r or $$\omega (G) \le s$$ ω ( G ) ≤ s ,(More)
Background. Pancytopenia has multiple etiologies like megaloblastic anemia, aplastic anemia, leukemia, and various infections. We investigated the clinical, etiological and hematological profile including bone marrow morphology of patients with pancytopenia in relation to their vitamin B12 and folic acid status at a tertiary care referral hospital in north(More)
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