Tejas Shah

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We discuss potential market mechanisms for the GRID. A complete dynamical model of a GRID market is defined with three types of agents. Providers, middlemen and users exchange universal GRID computing units (GCUs) at varying prices. Providers and middlemen have strategies aimed at maximizing profit while users are 'satisficing' agents, and only change their(More)
—Video streaming from sensors and miniaturized devices is attractive for a wide range of web-based applications, e.g., remote surveillance. Existing web-based video streaming frameworks, such as the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) live streaming (HLS) and the motion picture experts group's dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH), have(More)
Market Basket Analysis is a technique to identify items likely to be purchased together. A predictive market basket analysis is used to identify sets of products/services purchased or events that occur generally in sequence. The basic approach is to find the associated pairs of items in a store when there are transaction data sets. Hence, our proposed(More)
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