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BACKGROUND Visual disabilities due to diabetes are on the rise, especially in urban areas of developing countries. Proper health planning will need evidence-based information. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS We estimated the prevalence and identified the determinants of eye complications among persons with diabetes screened in Ahmedabad, India, during 2007-2008.(More)
We have shown that oxidative stress is a mechanism of free fatty acid (FFA)-induced β-cell dysfunction. Unsaturated fatty acids in membranes, including plasma and mitochondrial membranes, are substrates for lipid peroxidation, and lipid peroxidation products are known to cause impaired insulin secretion. Therefore, we hypothesized that mice overexpressing(More)
In recent years, the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) has increased its efforts to use its annual conference to inform and educate the public about kidney disease. Social media, including Twitter, has been one method used by the Society to accomplish this goal. Twitter is a popular microblogging service that serves as a potent tool for disseminating(More)
BACKGROUND There is a decreased interest in nephrology such that the number of trainees likely will not meet the upcoming workforce demands posed by the projected number of patients with kidney disease. We conducted a survey of US internal medicine subspecialty fellows in fields other than nephrology to determine why they did not choose nephrology. (More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether laboratory markers of methanol ingestion and subsequent toxicity can serve as predictors of visual outcomes in patients. METHODS Retrospective medical record review of 122 patients in a cluster outbreak of methanol poisoning. Data collected included history, complete ocular and systemic examination details, time to(More)
To the Editor: There has been a worrisome decrease in the number of applicants to nephrology fellowship training programs. First identified in 2008, the number of nephrology applications has been decreasing annually since 2002. Given the annual increase in kidney disease and projected shortage of nephrologists, this downward trend is concerning. Various(More)
Nephropathology is an integral component of nephrology education. Online teaching sites provide valuable educational materials to learners, but learner satisfaction has not been measured. We developed a nephropathology website and measured learners' satisfaction. The Nephrology On-Demand Histopathology website(More)
INTRODUCTION Teaching nephrology through a traditional classroom-based approach has significant time and place limitations. In the 21st century, these limitations are more prevalent and harder to resolve. Fortunately, online teaching instruments can overcome these restrictions. On this basis, we hypothesized that a nephrology-focused online teaching(More)
Sparfloxacin 03% eye drop was evaluated in consecutive culture proven cases of conjunctivitis and corneal infection. Sparfloxacin 03% eye drop was found to provide 100% cure rate clInIcally as well as bacteriologically. This can be due to better ocular penetration and higher therapeutic index of sparfloxacin 03% eye drops. Sparfloxacin seems to be a better(More)