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Keywords: Deterministic Finite Automata (DFA) Electro-oculogram (EOG) Very High speed Hardware Description Language (VHDL) Smart house a b s t r a c t Design of assistive technology using advanced soft computing techniques on proper hardware platform has been an important issue of research for the last two decades. In the present study, a novel scheme is(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of burn management and therapy is fast healing and epithelisation to prevent infection. The present study is concerned with the development and characterization of a novel nanaoparticulate system; cubosomes, loaded with silver sulfadiazine (SSD) and Aloe vera for topical treatment of infected burns. METHODS Cubosome dispersions were(More)
BACKGROUND Improving patient care for individuals with lung cancer is a priority due to the increasing burden of the disease globally. One way this can be done is by improving patient self-management capabilities through increasing their self-efficacy. This can improve positive outcomes for patients with chronic conditions and increase their ability to(More)
I T is finally here, and it will mark the beginning of a new stage in the history and development of the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS! In 2009, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of our Transactions and to promote research and development in ITS, the Board of Governors of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society decided(More)
BACKGROUND A sizeable number of HIV-infected patients receiving HAART do not maintain prolonged virologic suppression. We evaluated long-term HIV viral load (VL) responses to HAART as a risk factor for AIDS events (AE) that is independent of CD4 responses. METHODS A cohort of patients with pre-therapy CD4 < 200/mm3 who had CD4 and VL measurements for >(More)
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