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Dynamic turnover of integrin cell adhesion molecules to and from the cell surface is central to cell migration. We report for the first time an association between integrins and Rab proteins, which are small GTPases involved in the traffic of endocytotic vesicles. Rab21 (and Rab5) associate with the cytoplasmic domains of alpha-integrin chains, and their(More)
Integrin trafficking from and to the plasma membrane controls many aspects of cell behavior including cell motility, invasion, and cytokinesis. Recruitment of integrin cargo to the endocytic machinery is regulated by the small GTPase Rab21, but the detailed molecular mechanisms underlying integrin cargo recruitment are yet unknown. Here we identify an(More)
AKT1 and AKT2 kinases have been shown to play opposite roles in breast cancer migration and invasion. In this study, an RNA interference screen for integrin activity inhibitors identified AKT1 as an inhibitor of β1-integrin activity in prostate cancer. Validation experiments investigating all three AKT isoforms demonstrated that, unlike in breast cancer,(More)
BACKGROUND Immune cell infiltration in tumor is an emerging prognostic biomarker in breast cancer. The gold standard for quantification of immune cells in tissue sections is visual assessment through a microscope, which is subjective and semi-quantitative. In this study, we propose and evaluate an approach based on antibody-guided annotation and deep(More)
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