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Trigonella foenum-graecum (Fenugreek) (Leguminosae) is employed as a herbal medicine. Its seeds are known for their carminative, tonic and antidiabetic effects. A curative dose of Trigonella foenum-graecum also produces antiulcer action. In this study we have investigated the hypoglycaemic activities of the aqueous extract of the seeds Trigonella(More)
In automated energy management systems, to make instantaneous decisions based on the appliance status information, continuous data access is a key requirement. With the advances in sensor and communication technologies, it is now possible to remotely monitor the power consumption data. However, before an appliance is actively monitored, it must be(More)
Microgrids are well-suited for electrification of remote off-grid areas. This paper sketches the concept of a plug-and-play microgrid with a minimum of configuration effort needed for setup. When the load of such an off-grid microgrid grows over the generation capacity and energy storage is not sufficient, demand has to be reduced to prevent a blackout. In(More)
A microgrid is the power system of choice for the electrification of rural areas in developing countries. It should be able to adapt to changing load situations without the need for specialists to change the configuration of the microgrid controller. This paper proposes a self-configuring microgrid management system that is able to adjust both generation(More)
Microgrids missing a tie-line to a supporting grid may suffer from a lack of power generation. This is especially the case if they are heavily based on renewable energy resources as e.g. in remote area electrification. This paper follows a demand side management approach, where unessential loads get selectively disconnected from the grid in an(More)
In this extended work, a syntactic and semantic analysis of Urdu Modal verbs is presented using lexical functional grammar encoded in an environment of the XLE parser. This grammar is developed to understand the syntactic and semantic structure of Urdu modal verbs taken from the sentences of a corpus. Based on this analysis, Urdu modal verbs are finally(More)
Expert systems are used extensively in many domains. This paper discusses the use of medical expert systems in Pakistan. Countries all over the world pay special attention on health facilities. A country like Pakistan faces a lot of trouble in health sector. Several attempts have been made in Pakistan to improve the health conditions of the people but the(More)
To be able to develop reasoning units based on findings from sciences like behaviorism, psychology, neurology, and psychoanalysis, a test bed which is close to these sciences is needed. A possible approach is to use cognitive agents situated within a game of artificial life. Using such a simulated environment reduces the abstraction step from the origin(More)
This paper presentsacomparative study of feature selection methods for Urdu text categorization. Fivewellknownfeature selection methods were analyzedby means ofsixrecognized classification algorithms: support vector machines (with linear, polynomial and radial basis kernels), naive Bayes, k-nearest neighbour (KNN), and decision tree (i.e. J48).(More)
The aqueous, methanol and chloroform extracts of Trigonella foenum-graecum caused significant (p < 0.05) mortality of Meloidogyne javanica larvae. The methanol soluble fraction eluted from pure distilled water showed the highest (>92%) nematicidal activity compared with the fractions eluted from pure methanol and different ratios of chloroform and methanol(More)