Teh-Chung Chen

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We propose a novel approach for detecting visual similarity between two Web pages. The proposed approach applies Gestalt theory and considers a Web page as a single indivisible entity. The concept of supersignals, as a realization of Gestalt principles, supports our contention that Web pages must be treated as indivisible entities. We objectify, and(More)
The phishing scam and its variants are estimated to cost victims billions of dollars per year. Researchers have responded with a number of anti-phishing systems, based either on blacklists or on heuristics. The former cannot cope with the churn of phishing sites, while the latter usually employ decision rules that are not congruent to human perception. We(More)
We investigate compression-based learning for image classification tasks. These algorithms are claimed to approximate the Kolmogorov complexity of the difference between two object descriptions, but in practice are a measure over an induced feature space. We investigate if these algorithms can be improved via feature selection. Our experiments cover a(More)
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