Teerachot Siriburanon

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This paper presents a 60-GHz sub-harmonic injection-locked quadrature frequency synthesizer with subsampling operation. This allows the proposed synthesizer to achieve relatively lower in-band phase noise through the use of sub-sampling operation, as well as good out-of-band phase noise through the use of sub-harmonic injection. The proposed synthesizer has(More)
This paper presents a 58.1-to-65.0GHz frequency synthesizer for millimeter-wave TDD transceivers. The proposed synthesizer is capable of supporting all 60GHz channels including channel-bonding defined by IEEE 802.15.3c, wirelessHD, IEEE 802.11ad, and ECMA-387. A background calibration scheme is proposed to automatically correct frequency drift caused by(More)
This paper proposes a push-push 20 GHz VCO realized by a 10 GHz QVCO for a quadrature 60GHz Local Oscillator. The proposed VCO is implemented in a 65nm CMOS process. It achieves tuning range of 3.0 GHz from 16.3 to 19.3 GHz with a phase noise of –105 dBc/Hz at 1MHz offset. The power consumption of core oscillators is 7.5 mW and an FoM of -182 dBc/Hz is(More)
Abstract A novel helium-3 ion bombardment technique is proposed for creating locally semi-insulating substrate areas. A helium-3 dose of only 1.5x10cm increases a Si substrate resistivity from 6Ω-cm to 1.5kΩ-cm, which improves the quality factor of a 2-nH inductor with a 140μm-diameter by 38% (Q=16.3). An aluminum mask is used for covering active areas, and(More)