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CloudThings: A common architecture for integrating the Internet of Things with Cloud Computing
The Internet of Things presents the user with a novel means of communicating with the Web world through ubiquitous object-enabled networks. Cloud Computing enables a convenient, on demand andExpand
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Distributed Road Surface Condition Monitoring Using Mobile Phones
The objective of this research is to improve traffic safety through collecting and distributing up-to-date road surface condition information using mobile phones. Road surface condition informationExpand
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Modeling language competition
We consider a model introduced recently [Nature 424(2003)900], for describing competition between two languages, which in typical situations predicts the extinction of one of them. We generalize itExpand
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Mobile Agents-Based Smart Objects for the Internet of Things
We propose mobile agents for enabling interoperability and global intelligence with smart objects in the Internet of Things, with heterogeneous low-power resource-constrained devices where theExpand
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Mobile Agents for Integration of Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks
We demonstrate interoperable mobile agents to integrate Internet of Things and wireless sensor networks with resource-constrained low-power embedded networked devices. We introduce adaptableExpand
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Distributed resource directory architecture in Machine-to-Machine communications
Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications emerge to achieve ubiquitous communications among all the networked devices. One challenging problem in M2M applications is to discover the resources providedExpand
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ubiGaze: ubiquitous augmented reality messaging using gaze gestures
We describe ubiGaze, a novel wearable ubiquitous method to augment any real-world object with invisible messages through gaze gestures that lock the message into the object. This enables a contextExpand
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Mobile crowdsensing with mobile agents
We introduce mobile agents for mobile crowdsensing. Crowdsensing campaigns are designed through different roles that are implemented as mobile agents. The role-based tasks of mobile agents includeExpand
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Augmented Reality Web Applications with Mobile Agents in the Internet of Things
Augmented reality (AR) is a promising technology for building applications in an Internet of Things (IoT) environment, utilized for visualizing information provided by IoT devices. In this paper, weExpand
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Morphological transitions and bistability in Turing systems.
It is well known that in two dimensions Turing systems produce spots, stripes and labyrinthine patterns, and in three dimensions lamellar and spherical structures, or their combinations, areExpand
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