Teemu J Heikkilä

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The production of functional human embryonic stem cell (hESC)-derived neuronal cells is critical for the application of hESCs in treating neurodegenerative disorders. To study the potential functionality of hESC-derived neurons, we cultured and monitored the development of hESC-derived neuronal networks on microelectrode arrays. Immunocytochemical studies(More)
Sink conditions used in dissolution tests lead to rapid dissolution rates for nanosuspensions, causing difficulties in discriminating dissolution profiles between different formulations. Here, non-sink conditions were studied for the dissolution testing of poorly water-soluble drug nanosuspensions. A mathematical model for polydispersed particles was(More)
The crystallographic texture, i.e. the preferred orientation of crystallites of delta-mannitol samples, has been experimentally determined by pole figure analysis. The pole figures were measured with an X-ray diffraction texture goniometer. It was found that already the uncompressed delta-mannitol powder sample was slightly texturized so that the (0 2 0)(More)
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