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Multi-display environments (MDEs) have advanced rapidly in recent years, incorporating multi-touch tabletops, tablets, wall displays and even position tracking systems. Designers have proposed a variety of interesting gestures for use in an MDE, some of which involve a user moving their hands, arms, body or even a device itself. These gestures are often(More)
The process of oil and gas exploration and its result, the decision to drill for oil in a specific location, relies on a number of distinct but related domains. These domains require effective collaboration to come to a decision that is both cost effective and maintains the integrity of the environment. As we show in this paper, many of the existing(More)
Emergency response planning is a process that involves many different stakeholders who may communicate concurrently with different channels and exchange different information artefacts. The planning typically occurs in an emergency operations centre (EOC) and involves personnel both in the room and also in the field. The EOC provides an interesting context(More)
Gestural interaction has become increasingly popular, as enabling technologies continue to transition from research to retail. The mobility of miniaturized (and invisible) technologies introduces new uses for gesture recognition. This paper investigates single-hand microgestures (SHMGs), detailed gestures in a small interaction space. SHMGs are suitable for(More)
Nowadays, looking at the path between two points on a city map has become a simple task using any modern tablet, smartphone or laptop. However, when exploring maps with different information across multiple layers and scales, users experience information discontinuity. Bancada is a multi-display system developed to investigate the exploration of geospatial(More)
As ubiquitous environments become increasingly commonplace with newer sensors and forms of computing devices (e.g. wearables, digital tabletops), researchers have continued to design and implement novel interaction possibilities. However, as the number of sensors and devices continues to rise, researchers still face numerous instrumentation, implementation(More)
Doppio is a reconfigurable smartwatch with two touch sensitive display faces. The orientation of the top relative to the base and how the top is attached to the base, creates a very large interaction space. We define and enumerate possible configurations, transitions, and manipulations in this space. Using a passive prototype, we conduct an exploratory(More)
Devices such as tablets, mobile phones, tabletops and wall displays all incorporate different sizes of screens, and are now commonplace in a variety of situations and environments. Environments that incorporate these devices, multi-display environments (MDEs) are highly interactive and innovative, but the interaction in these environments is not well(More)
Emergency response planning is a complicated process, with different forms of communication and information being exchanged amongst emergency response personnel during the course of an emergency. This information and communication exchange, led to the development of our multi-surface emergency response-planning prototype, to address communication and(More)