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The first objective of this paper is to introduce a nonlinear system to model the heart rate (HR) response during and after treadmill walking exercise. The model is a feedback interconnected system that has components to describe the central and peripheral local responses to exercise and their interactions. The parameters of the model were experimentally(More)
The main motivation of this study is to establish an ambulatory cardio-respiratory analysis system for the monitoring and evaluation of exercise and regular daily physical activity. We explored the estimation of oxygen uptake by using noninvasive portable sensors. These sensors are easy to use but may suffer from malfunctions under free living environments.(More)
This paper proposed a novel nonparametric model based model predictive control approach for the regulation of heart rate during treadmill exercise. As the model structure of human cardiovascular system is often hard to determine, nonparametric modelling is a more realistic manner to describe complex behaviours of cardiovascular system. This paper presents a(More)
We study a problem of blanket coverage by employing a network of self-deployed, autonomous mobile sensors or agents. The coverage problem is to drive the mobile sensor network to form a sensor lattice that completely covers a two-dimensional (2-D) region between two boundaries. In particular, the sensors form into the so-called triangular lattice pattern,(More)