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In a materialist way : selected essays by Pierre Macherey
Best known for his work in literary criticism, Pierre Macherey has, over the past two decades, produced a series of original philosophical works. This first collection of his philosophical writingsExpand
Paul’s Gift Economy: Wages, Debt, and Debt Cancellation
http://ctt.canterbury.ac.nz Abstract: My focus is on the Biblical prophetic warning about, and solution to, severe debt injustice – whether individual or collective. I seek to demonstrate the NewExpand
Death and Life in Marx’s Capital: An Ethical Investigation
In this talk I seek to reclaim Karl Marx’s distinction in Volume I of Capital between what, following Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, we might call the “conceptual personae” of living and deadExpand
A Displaced Transition: Habermas on the Public Sphere