Ted J. Strickland

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Cloud computing may become the mechanism for organizations that are struggling to provide adequate IT capabilities to leapfrog to more effective and affordable IT infrastructures and software solutions. For small nonprofit organizations, critical information systems, such as those that monitor delivery of programs and services, may be migrated from(More)
Since students now enter college with a great deal of experience with computers, we explored how much computer technology knowledge, typical of the content of an introductory microcomputer applications course, may have been acquired prior to matriculation. Four pre-tests were administered on-line to 14 sections of the introductory course (approximately 500(More)
Transcranial electric motor evoked potentials (TCeMEPs) are routinely used intraoperatively to detect and prevent iatrogenic injury to the spinal cord, specifically the corticospinal tract. Complications related to TCeMEP testing include the potential for seizure induction, cardiac arrhythmia, scalp burns, infection, and tongue or lip laceration. Among this(More)
Information systems students entering today's workforce are expected to have technology skills, interpersonal skills, and problem solving skills. The senior-level systems project course provides an opportunity to integrate these skills within the context of developing web applications. Experiences designing and instructing this course are described,(More)
Both the federal government, through the Affordable Care Act, and the state government, through the budget that was passed in July of 2009, have passed legislation allowing older age children to remain covered under their parents' coverage. The federal and state laws are not exactly the same. The federal law requires plans to extend the eligibility age for(More)