Ted J. Strauss

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Previous research indicates that mental representations of word meanings are distributed along both semantic and syntactic dimensions such that nouns and verbs are relatively distinct from one another. Two experiments examined the effect of representational distance between meanings on recognition of ambiguous spoken words by comparing recognition of(More)
This article describes jTRACE, a freely available, cross-platform Java reimplementation of the TRACE model of spoken word recognition. The goal of the reimplementation is to facilitate the use of simulations by researchers who may not have the skills or time necessary to use or extend the original C implementation. In this article, we report a large-scale(More)
Many research questions in aphasia can only be answered through access to substantial numbers of patients and to their responses on individual test items. Since such data are often unavailable to individual researchers and institutions, we have developed and made available the Moss Aphasia Psycholinguistics Project Database: a large, searchable, web-based(More)
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