Ted J Morgan

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Helicobacter hepaticus infection in A/JCr mice results in chronic active hepatitis characterized by perivascular, periportal, and parenchymal infiltrates of mononuclear and polymorphonuclear cells. This study examined the development of hepatitis and the immune response of A/JCr mice to H. hepaticus infection. The humoral and cell-mediated T helper immune(More)
Antiserum prepared against sucrose gradient purified reticuloendotheliosis virus (REV) recognized the chicken transferrin receptor. Molecules immunoprecipitated from red blood cells (RBC) obtained from embryonic chickens with either the anti-REV reagent or a chicken transferrin immunomatrix were demonstrated to be identical by co-migration in both reducing(More)
The pressure to control hospital costs extends to departments of radiology. One area of radiology in which costs may be reduced without cutting quality is equipment service. Equipment maintenance and repair expenditures can be lowered considerably through the implementation of an in-house service program. By developing an adequate data system to accompany(More)
Chicken lines were classified into six distinct groups based on expression of B-G molecules by peripheral red blood cells (RBC). In addition to the previously reported 48 kD subunits of homodimeric B-G molecules, subunits of 60, 40, and possibly 20 kD were detected in certain of the chicken lines. Several of the chicken lines express the previously reported(More)
Monoclonal antibody R7-3 recognized an erythroid specific cell surface molecule with a m.w. of approximately 98 kilodaltons (Kd) under nonreducing conditions and molecules of 40 and 44 Kd under reducing conditions on both embryonic- and adult-derived peripheral RBC. Immunochemical characterization, including limited peptide map analyses of these molecules,(More)
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