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Charter The goal of this project was to consider the following question: if we could now design the Internet from scratch, knowing what we know today, how would we make the basic design decisions? The phrase " design from scratch " implies that we deliberately set aside issues of migration—how we would get from where we are today to a new design tomorrow.(More)
Since 2004, the DETER Cybersecurity Testbed Project has worked to create the necessary infrastructure — facilities, tools, and processes-to provide a national resource for experimentation in cyber security. The next generation of DETER envisions several conceptual advances in testbed design and experimental research methodology, targeting improved(More)
DETER testbeds[1] are a class of Emulabbased[2] testbed that provide a secure experimental environment through configuration and management. The DETER project[3] at ISI runs a DETER testbed with segments located at USC/ISI and the University of California at Berkeley consisting of more than 250 nodes. In addition to the original Emulab[4], there are several(More)
From its inception in 2004, the DETER testbed facility has provided effective, dedicated experimental resources and expertise to a broad range of academic, industrial and government researchers. Now, building on knowledge gained, the DETER developers and community are moving beyond the classic “testbed” model and towards the creation and(More)
Cloud computing infrastructures enable enterprises to acquire equipment and pay associated costs only when their business demands this, which is very attractive. However, there are notable challenges to wide use of clouds for enterprise services, such as security and privacy of data stored in clouds and reliability of cloud services. Our research focuses on(More)
P Pack, S. Pailer, R. Pal, S. Panken, F. Papadias, D. Papadimitratos, P. Papadimitriou, G. I. Papadopoulos, C. Papantoni, T. Parashar, M. Passarella, A. Passas, N. Pelsser, C. Pelusi, L. Peyravian, M. Pitsillides, A. Pokorn, J. Politis, C. Pong, D. Prasad, N. R. As a token of my deep appreciation for their professionalism and dedication to the ideals of our(More)
We describe an architecture for creating experimental environments across multiple cooperating Emulab-based testbeds, called the DETER Federation Architecture (DFA). The system uses cooperative resource allocation and multiple-level testbed access to create a cohesive environment for experimentation. Testbeds that contribute resources continue to exert(More)