Ted C. Wang

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This paper presents an approach for detecting microcalcifications in digital mammograms employing wavelet-based subband image decomposition. The microcalcifications appear in small clusters of few pixels with relatively high intensity compared with their neighboring pixels. These image features can be preserved by a detection system that employs a suitable(More)
Photonic Nanojets are highly localized wave fields emerging directly behind dielectric microspheres; if suitably illuminated. In this contribution we reveal how different illumination conditions can be used to engineer the photonic Nanojets by measuring them in amplitude and phase with a high resolution interference microscope. We investigate how the(More)
In this paper, we discuss the relation between matched filter and wavelet transform(WT), and point out that wavelet transform is just the matched filter with changeable detection template. According to this idea, the method of signal detection based on hybrid wavelet transform (HWT) is proposed. HWT in this paper means that in WT decomposition and(More)
To investigate the effect of moderate level low frequency noise on human mental rotation performance, letter rotation and compass orientation tests were performed in 24 healthy young male subjects during 2 h exposure to 85-95dB (A), it was found that during 120 min exposure to noise of 85dB (A), the mean reaction time increased (P<0.05), performance of(More)
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