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The healthcare system in Canada is undergoing significant transformation in response to three major interrelated pressures: the overall burden of illness is rising, patients are getting poor quality of care and healthcare costs are inexorably rising. One idea to guide this change is to transform the primary care system into a community-based primary(More)
OBJECTIVE To help close the gap between health promotion research and practice by using systems thinking. METHODS We reviewed 3 national US tobacco control initiatives and a project (ISIS) that had introduced systems thinking to tobacco control, speculating on ways in which systems thinking may add value to health promotion dissemination and(More)
It is clear that further study needs to be made of the link between emotional disorder and chronic inflammatory bowel disease in children. It is commonly accepted that such a link exists in ulcerative colitis and although there is at present no proof in either direction it seems highly probable that such a relationship is also present in Crohn's disease. We(More)
A regionalization review team was established following last year's provincial election to re-examine the Ministry of Health's approach to regionalization of health care. On Nov. 28, Health Minister Joy MacPhail announced that the government would be taking a new approach to regionalization. Components of this new approach are not consistent with RNABC's(More)