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Stillbirth rates in high-income countries declined dramatically from about 1940, but this decline has slowed or stalled over recent times. The present variation in stillbirth rates across and within high-income countries indicates that further reduction in stillbirth is possible. Large disparities (linked to disadvantage such as poverty) in stillbirth rates(More)
The extent to which maternal nutrition influences fetal growth through effects on placental functional development is unclear. Poor maternal nutrition is a major cause of poor fetal growth which increases neonatal morbidity and mortality, and may also increase the risk of several adult-onset diseases. We have therefore characterized the ontogeny of(More)
An examination of the maternal vascular response to placentation shows that physiological changes in the placental bed normally extend from the decidua into the inner myometrium. In pre-eclampsia and in a proportion of pregnancies with small-for-gestational age infants (SGA) the physiological changes are restricted to the decidual segments alone. In(More)
Placental examination can be a useful tool for specifying the etiology, prognosis, and recurrence risk of pregnancy disorders. The purpose of this study was to test the reliability of a predetermined set of placental reaction patterns seen with maternal vascular underperfusion in the hope that this might provide a useful diagnostic framework for practicing(More)
Only two examples of the entity of chorangiocarcinoma, in which there is a proliferation of both the vascular and epithelial components of the placental villi, have been reported in the literature. To test the hypothesis that chorangiocarcinomas are actually more common than implied by the literature, histological sections of chorangiomas were reviewed.(More)
  • T Y Khong
  • 1991
A clinicohistologic study of acute atherosis in late complicated pregnancy was undertaken. Maternal vessels in the placental basal plate, underlying the amniochorial membranes and in placental bed biopsy specimens, were examined histologically. The earliest histologically convincing lesion acceptable as acute atherosis was fibrinoid necrosis with a(More)
Lung tissue from 13 cases of unexplained non-immunological hydrops fetalis was examined by in situ hybridisation to detect parvovirus. Four specimens contained parvovirus DNA in cells in the blood vessel lumina and alveoli. Twenty six control cases were negative for parvovirus DNA. As there was no known epidemic of parvovirus infection during the study(More)
Single and double biotin-avidin-peroxidase immunocytochemical methods in conjunction with an anti-trophoblast monoclonal antibody 18B/A5 and an anti-HLA-A,B,C monoclonal antibody W6/32 were used to study various human trophoblast populations. Several combinations of peroxidase substrates were tried in the double-labeling procedure. It was concluded that the(More)
OBJECTIVES To ascertain the various causes of delayed postpartum hemorrhage and to test whether subinvolution of the placental bed is associated with other pregnancy disorders for which defective maternal-fetal interaction has been implicated pathogenetically. METHODS In a group of women presenting with postpartum hemorrhage following singleton(More)