Teck Siong Ong

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Register Files account for 30% of 32nm Intel WSM Core dynamic power of which 25% is due to write data distribution. We analyze Register File data gating strategies used to reduce write bitline dynamic power by as much as 96%. We explore the tradeoff of various data gating topologies (Global, Midway, Local), logic implementations (NAND, NOR, Tri-State), and(More)
The reliability of wire bond is very significant due to its function of providing interconnection and signal passage to the integrated circuit. Wire bond shear test are utilized to evaluate the reliability and bond strength of bonded wires. In this study, the wire bond shear test is simulated. The effects of shear tool height on the stress response of(More)
Biometrics provides a new dimension of security to modern automated applications since each user will need to prove his identity when attempting an access. However, if a stored biometric template is compromised, then the conventional biometric recognition system becomes vulnerable to privacy invasion. This invasion is a permanent one because the biometric(More)
This Capsular Lens (ONG, type IV, to be called ‘O.C.L.’) has been developed for routinely performed extracapsular cataract extraction with lens implantation. The fundamental surgical procedure was based on continuing experience with the bimanual aspiration-irrigation technique and system developed by the author in 1971. The biomechanical properties of the(More)
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