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Removal of rain streaks in video is a challenging problem due to the random spatial distribution and fast motion of rain. This paper presents a new rain removal algorithm that incorporates both temporal and chromatic properties of rain in video. The temporal property states that an image pixel is never always covered by rain throughout the entire video. The(More)
This paper introduces a human body contour registration method for static pedestrian images with unconstrained background. By using a statistical compound model to impose structural and textural constraints on valid pedestrian appearances, the matching process is robust to image clutter. Experimental results show that the proposed method register pedestrian(More)
Acknowledgements It is a privilege to have had the opportunity t o w ork with my advisor, Dr. Takeo Kanade. I w ould like to thank him for his guidance and patience throughout the course of this project. His perseverance in research and his ability to look at things from a global perspective while attending to critical details will continue to have positive(More)
In this paper, we present a robust face tracking system for video indexing and retrieval. Our face tracker is designed based on the condensation algorithm. The strength of our face tracking system is in the incorporation of Lucas-Kanade feature tracker in the measurement stage of condensation. Skin color and facial feature points are used for tracking. The(More)
In this paper, we present an acoustic keyword spotter that operates in two stages, detection and verification. In the detection stage, keywords are detected in the utterances, and in the verification stage, confidence measures are used to verify the detected keywords and reject false alarms. A new confidence measure, based on phoneme models trained on an(More)
  • T K Ng
  • 1988
In spite of their value to indicate the magnitude of occupational health problems, descriptive occupational morbidity statistics tend to be neglected. The accuracy of occupational morbidity statistics depends on counting the morbid condition as well as the occupational element. At present, there is no clearcut model for counting the occupational element.(More)
  • T K Ng
  • 1976
The author's interest in ergonomics lies in the common ground it shares with occupational health, since ergonomics aims to make work easier, safer, and more productive and to promote efficiency, comfort, and health. In Hong Kong, owing to lack of natural resources and guaranteed markets, industrialization has not taken a smooth course. Only light industries(More)
We investigated the problem of deducing the geographical coordinates of pixels in an oblique view video. Our goal is to register the oblique-view video of an urban scene with its cadastral map. The oblique-view videos were taken from a very low flying camera whereas the cadastral map contained only the top-down outline of buildings without any photographic(More)