Teck Chew Ng

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— A robust vehicle following system with obstacle avoidance capabilities for operation in natural environments is described in this paper. By combining a novel vehicle-tracking and detection algorithm with our path-planner for autonomous navigation, it was possible for a tracked Logistics Armoured Ambulance Carrier to follow a multi purpose vehicle in an(More)
In this paper, we proposed a robot vehicle following algorithm which can navigate a 10 ton armored personnel carrier to follow a leading vehicle(MPV) in the jungle. This algorithm comprises two components , the first one is a target tracking module which can detect and track the lead vehicle from the measurements of a SICK laser scanner; the second one is a(More)
Autonomous Vehicle Following can be achieved if the poses of both the follower and leader vehicles are continuously estimated. This can be achieved by using a Bayesian estimation technique together with a virtual trailer link model. The advantage of such a model is that the follower vehicle will trail a virtual trailer, modeled as an attachment to the(More)
— Vehicle following can be achieved by minimizing the relative information (Kullback-Leibler or K-L distance), between the estimated poses of leader and follower vehicles by formulating the vehicle following system as an optimization problem. The aim is to search for an optimal control action for the follower vehicle in the admissible control command space.(More)
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